Jiri Kocica

Born in Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, 4th of Oct. 1966.

Graduated at Academy of Visual Arts in Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1991 with thesis "Site Specific Sculpture" in the class of Prof. Lujo Vodopivec and Prof. Tomaž Brejc Master of Arts degree in the class of Prof. Dušan Tršar, 1993.

Selected Exhibitions, events, actions

2015, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Hest Gallery, “Artside the box”, sculptures
2015, Zagreb (Croatia), Rudjer Boskovic Institute, lecture and exhibition during the science and art symposium “Croartscia”
2014, Ljubljana, Youth Hostel Celica Gallery, “On the long run we are all predecessors”, sculptural installation
2014, Nova Gorica, City Gallery of Nova Gorica, “Tradition”, sculptural installation
2014, Ljubljana, Cankarjev dom, National cultural institution, “Tradition”, sculptural installation
2013, Ljubljana, National institute of Chemistry, “Signs of Science”, art installation, part of the installation permanent, part in progress.
2012, Maribor (Slovenia), European Capital of Culture, “Point to the eye”, nano-portrait of Slavoj Žižek
2012, New York City, USA, Lesley Heller Workspace Gallery, “95 Theses on Art”, act of belief in art

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  • 2012, New York City, USA, BOSI Contemporary Gallery , “95 Theses on Art”, act of belief in art
  • 2012, Washington, USA, Gallery of the Embassy of Republic of Slovenija, exhibition at the celebration of 20 th anniversary of independency of Slovenia
  • 2011, Ljubljana, Gallery Equrna, “Open”, sculptures and multimedia exhibition
  • 2010/2011, Grosuplje (Slovenia), “Tradition”, roundabout sculpture in town Grosuplje, sculpture is made with the help of citizens- their palm-prints are cast in bronze
  • 2010, Maribor (Slovenia), “Books”, Gallery in University Library Maribor
  • 2009, Maribor (Slovenia), Gallery Hest, outdoor installation of two stone sculptures
  • 2008, Velenje (Slovenia), Gallery Barbara, installation
  • 2007, Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia), Gallery Ana, “Gift of being”, installation
  • 2007, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Gallery Kresija, “Surrounding”, drawings in bee’s wax
  • 2006, Vienna, (Austria), Gallery of the Slovenian Cultural Centre Korotan, “Gift of being”, sculptural installation
  • 2006, Škofja Loka, (Slovenia) Gallery Ivan Grohar , “O..pen”, multimedia installation
  • 2005, Ljubljana, (Slovenia) Gruber Open Air Gallery, “Angle of view”, sculpture installation
  • 2004, Maribor (Slovenia), Gallery of the Artists Society of Maribor, multimedia installation "Fields" (inco-operation with Janez Ferlan)
  • 2004, Grosuplje (Slovenia), co-organization and participation on the symposium for sculptures in stone. Sculptures are installed in the city locations.
  • 2004, Wien, (Austria), Albertina Museum, lecture and conducting of the workshop with young people-searching the possibility of ethical impact of art.
  • 2004, Kostanjevica na Krki (Slovenia), Gallerija of Bozidar Jakac, installation in the former monastery church from 12th century (with Ziga Okorn).
  • 2003, Ljubljana (Slovenia), opening of the Youth Hostel Celica: co-operation from the beginning of the  process in 1989 and co-creation of the conceptual basis. Also concept and furnish one of the cells.
  • 2002, Ostrožac na Uni, (Bosnia and Hercegovina), re-opening the sculptural symposium, sculpture in the garden by the hotel Sedra in Ostrožac (stone bihacit)
  • 2002, Novo Mesto, (Slovenia),Gallery Simulaker/ Goga, sculptural installation.
  • 2002, Ljubljana, (Slovenia), former prison at Metelkova street, sculpting and building-in the "cornerstone" by the occasion of opening the reconstruction process
  • 2001, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Gallery of United Societies of Slovenian artists. In the time of the sculptural installation many lectures: "Abused Visual Language by Popular Media and Advertising Industry". At the end of exhibition: representation of book "Ethical Insights of Art" and round table with the authors of the book (Vesna Krmelj, Janko Rožič, Borut Ošlaj, John O'Brien, Aleksander S. Ostan, Jiri Kočica).
  • 2001, Celje (Slovenia), City Art Salon. Installation and artistic deed (with the painter Irena Potočnik) in the sphere of cycle "Unusual pairs", selected by curator Nevenka Šivavec. Also organized round table with artists from Celje (moderator of round table: Alenka Pirman).
  • 2001, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Academy of Beaux Art, lecture about the ecological views of producing images: "Differentia Between Ideologically and Imago-logically Occupation of Mind".
  • 2001, Ljubljana (Slovenia), National Modern Gallery, round table about the "Ethics in art" 
  • 2000, Krško (Slovenia), Gallery in the former chapel of "St. Spirit" (with Žiga Okorn). Organizing the group of people to found the society for revival the old city center.
    2000, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Eqourna Gallery, sculptural installation and artistic "deed": "Duration of being". Printing palm prints with the warm bees wax and offering different forest seeds. In the sphere of event there were held two lectures: Ethics and aesthetics by Jiri Kočica and "On urban and natural space" by architect and poet Janko Rožič.
  • 2000, Škofja Loka (Slovenia), City Gallery "Ivan Grohar". Projection of photographs of different families that sent their family photos to the gallery. Casting little wax sculptures and offering of these sculptures to the visitors.
  • 1999, Slovenj Gradec (Slovenia), Gallery for Visual Art, sculptural installation and seminar for students and pupils from different schools around the town (with Žiga Okorn). 
  • 1998, Ljubljana (Slovenia), National Museum of Recent History (former Museum of Revolution), sculptures and artistic deed "Monument, moment and movement". Installation of many different clay moulds of bombs and projectiles and "workshares". 
  • 1997, Ljubljana (Slovenia), co-organizer of "workshares", organized within the sphere of "European month of culture" in Ljubljana. The main theme was renovation and change the former prison into youth hostel with the function of gallery and museum. At the "workshares" different artists made some proposals for artistic furniture of different cells.
  • 1996, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Former prison, beginning painting in fresco technique in the dark cell(basement of prison). 
  • 1994, Ljubljana (Slovenia), non-gallery process "Kata-logos": offering the forest seeds and texts about the sense of artistic work at different occasions (co-operation with Vilma Ducman and Vesna Krmelj). 
  • 1993, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Former military prison, exhibition in the cell and organizer of Sestava group (Composition group). 
  • 1993, Maribor (Slovenia), Gallery Medianox, artistic "deed": offering thirty trees to the visitors at the opening. After opening the gallery was empty for two weeks. 
  • 1992, Ljubljana (Slovenia), artistic answer to the commission of the West award that was established by tobacco industry for the most "unconventional artists". Title: West, "vest" (in Slovenian language "vest" means conscience). 
  • 1992, Ljubljana (Slovenia), "Exhibition of Robba's Fountain" (baroque fountain in the center of Ljubljana) and warning about the traffic and problems of conservation of this interesting fountain. 
  • 1991, Rogaška Slatina (Slovenia), stake out the plan for new hotel in the historical park. Same time foundation of society against the wild urbanization of historical park in Rogaska Slatina Spa (help of Vilma Ducman). 
  • 1991, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Installation at the place of former Rihard Jakopič gallery, which was originally very important space for independent intellectuals during first decades of socialism and which was ruined during the renovation of railroad 1967. 
  • 1991, Ljubljana (Slovenia), National Modern Gallery, Installation and round table about the Site specific sculpture (with painter Žiga Okorn) 
  • 1991, Ljubljana (Slovenia), Installation on the fish pond in Tivoli park (with painter Žiga Okorn)